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What is Visitor Visa?

A world tour has always been a desire for one, travelling the beyond seas is ever fascinating. If you are planning to travel across the globe, no matter which country, all you require is a Visitor Visa or Temporary Resident Permit (TRP).
The Visitor Visa allows a foreign citizen to travel to the country.

Visa requirements usually vary from one country to another furthermore it also depends on your nationality. You will get your visa if you prove your intent is genuine, documentation is correct & comprehensive, you have enough funds and you will return before your visa expires.

Visas are easily approved for applicants who have a genuine intention and have the finances to support themselves in the country they are visiting.

The documents submitted are assessed leading to the visa interviews. Visa is granted for three to six months for first time applicants based on the country.

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To apply for a visitor visa you should have

  • The dates you’re planning to travel and Airline Tickets(*If required)
  • Details of where you’ll be staying during your visit e.g. Hotel Booking*
  • Evidence that you can support yourself during your trip

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