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Numerous well qualified Indian students possess interest in opportunities for Higher Education from reputed Foreign Universities. Getting a successful student visa requires complications in many ways, so it isn’t an easy task. When a whole career is at stake then, don’t take a Chance. Allow an expert to take care of the procedure and formalities making them redundant for you. At Career Global we provide the best study options based on your eligibility and intent. We also have Alliances with a number of universities which will ease your admission process.

We at Career Global guide our clients in the entire visa process from Counselling to Filling up of Applications, preparing financial statements and training candidates. Career Global staff remains regularly updated to the latest visa documentation rules and this helps them in guiding candidates towards filing their documents in the best presentable manner.

Student visas are temporary visas that allow foreign students to study at an educational institution for a specified period of study Visa is granted for the duration of the course. The process and time varies for various countries. It is highly recommended to apply for a Visa at least two-three months in advance.

USA, Australia, UK, and Canada are the current market leaders among the world’s study destinations. Deciding to study abroad is a major decision requiring financial investment. It is often not easy for international students to procure information that can help them make an informed choice about which university, college or school to join and which course to take.

The decision to study abroad is an important decision to say the least.

There are many factors, which one should consider while studying abroad. Every student has his own background, expectations from studying abroad, financial capacity, and aspirations. Therefore, the process of going abroad has to be completed with utmost care. We would like to help students to make informed decisions about their education that will stand them in good stead for the rest of their lives.

Advantages of Studying Abroad

  • Immense Career Opportunities
  • Experience a Foreign Culture
  • Academic Excellence
  • Personal Development
  • Life Experience
  • Quality Assurance
  • Independence
  • Enhance Your Language Skills
  • Earn while you Learn

To apply for a student visa you should have

  • A confirmed offer letter from a registered university or college.
  • Proof of funds to pay the tuition fee and to support your living expenses.
  • Bio-metrics and criminal record check (where required) and prove intent to return.

Now, you might ask some questions like,

Am I Eligible?
How should I Apply?
Can I get Help to apply for a visa?
Which kinds of Documents are required?
How should I file my application?
How much will it Cost?

Confused? Let us find the best option for you. That’s what introduces you to CAREER GLOBAL.

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